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Laboldtech is the site n. 1 web site in Italy for selection, supply and sale of chemical reagents and professional tools specific for ancient photographic techniques.

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Ziatype beginners kit

Ziatype Ziatype Beginner kit (Kit09) Kit contents Sensitizing: Ammonium Ferric Oxalate sol.A                                              25ml Ammonium Ferric Oxalate contrast sol.B            


New cyanotype printing Single solution

CYANOTYPE MIKE WARE NEW CYANOTYPE PRINTING Mike Ware Cyanotype Single solution MIKE WARE CYANOTYPE – NEW CYANOTYPE PRINTING This formula, arranged by chemist Mike Ware,


Cyanotype Toning

Cyanotype toning Many different chemical substances can affect the cyanotype color. From the procedures edited over the years we list here the ones that are


Van Dyke Brown Print

Van Dyke Brown procedure The Van Dyke Brown procedure was developed in the early 1900, its name reminds of the peculiar sepia tone you see


Platinotype (Platinum/Palladium)

Platinum print – Palladium print Platinotype is one of the most noble and expensive processes. Its main features are long tonal scale, especially in the


Wet plate Collodion-formulating Poe Boy

Collodion process-Poe Boy formula (No ether/No cadmium) The procedure for the collodion “poe boy”, or “poor boy” as some say, is interesting for it does


Classic Cyanotype

Cyanotype procedure Cyanotype is a contact printing technique, which requires UV rays and a negative image of the same size as the final one. In


Ferric oxalate-How to make a solution

Preparation of the solution of Ferric Oxalate. Fe2(C2O4)3.5H2O. A compound chemically indefinable. The best approximation is “a complex of Ferric Oxalate “. It can easily


Sury Print

The Sury Process Essay by Simone Simoncini Introduction A few months ago, I started finger painting with pastels on some scrap palladium and gum prints



Kallitype The printing process called Kallitype was developed by W.W.J. Nicol between 1889 and 1891. At the beginning it was used with 3 variations, known


Wet plate Collodion. General description

Chemicals and recipes Collodion A distinction should be made within the basic collodion (as it is sold by pharmaceutical industries), commonly referred as “plain collodion”,

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