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Laboldtech is the site n. 1 web site in Italy for selection, supply and sale of chemical reagents and professional tools specific for ancient photographic techniques.

Labotech2000 srl | Cusago (MI) Italy
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About Us

This is a casual encounter between a commercial chemical distribution company and a group of enthusiasts of antiquated photography techniques.

The rediscovery of a lost world

Those who are into this particular aspect of photography, know how difficult it is to get the necessary items to produce this work; especially everything concerning the laboratory, reagents, glassware and small equipment.

As well, the procedures to follow are not always easy to find.

It is true that there are many publications edited by great international experts, but how long and how much work to try them out, before you see some positive results.

Here we want to introduce the procedures which we have tested and then elaborated into kits.

By chance, the owner of the company is also an aficionado of these techniques, and so … here we are.

For all of those that would like to experiment these wonderful techniques, best wishes from the LabOldTech Staff.



Labotech2000 is a company that has been operating since 1945 in the marketing of Chemical Products, Laboratory Equipment and Furniture for Chemical Laboratories.

In the development of its activities, it has created the commercial brands (of which it is the owner) LabOldTech and LabOldArt, containers of products and services in support of Alternative Photography, also defined as Ancient Photographic Techniques.



LABOLDTECH It specializes in the preparation and supply of chemical products and equipment needed to create the Ancient Techniques through the website A series of specific kits facilitates the understanding and implementation of the most common techniques: Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Callitype, Platinum / Palladium, Bicromatata Gum, Wet Collodion, and several others.



LABOLDART It is a web gallery designed to give the widest visibility to photographers who create works with ancient techniques, and allow them to market them globally.


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