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New Guy’s Formula by Quinn

Collodion – New Guy formula procedure

The called “New Guy’s Formula” developed by Quinn Jacobson is for positives only. We will start out with this formula because it’s relatively easy.  

Iodizer preparation

1°-In a beaker mix the following amounts of:

Collodio 5%                                                    240ml                 

Alcool etilico                                                  160ml

Etere Etilico                                                    160ml

2°-prepare a separate sensitizing solution in a small beaker dissolving the following amounts of:

CdBr                      3,0 gr

NH4I                     4,0 gr

in H2O                  6,0 ml

to favor salts solubility you may heat the solution, up to 50°C.

Add the least amount of water because it has some disadvantages:

wrinkles on the collodion film

initial formation of a cloudy solution due to insoluble microcrystal.

it slows down the speed of the reaction to exposure

To produce the Iodizer combine the sensitizing solution (2º) to the solution described above(1º). It is important to let the solution “ripe” for the necessary time so that the halogens are liberated. The time varies consistently depending on the light and the temperature. Normally it will take a week; you can notice the ripening effects on the color that changes from yellow to orange, until red-brown.

To make the solution you need for your work:

collodion 5%       3 parts

iodizer                  4 parts

combine them and prepare the photographic plate as usual.


Wet plate Collodion New Guy’s Collodion by Quinn, new guy’s collodion


Ziatype beginners kit

Ziatype Ziatype Beginner kit (Kit09) Kit contents Sensitizing: Ammonium Ferric Oxalate sol.A                                              25ml Ammonium Ferric Oxalate contrast sol.B            


Wet plate Collodion-formulating Poe Boy

Collodion process-Poe Boy formula (No ether/No cadmium) The procedure for the collodion “poe boy”, or “poor boy” as some say, is interesting for it does

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