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Labotech2000 srl | Cusago (MI) Italy
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Black Glass Plate

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5×7" (127×177 mm) 10 sheets, 4×5 (10×12,5cm) 10 sheets, 8×10 (20,3×24,1cm) 5 sheets


Thickness 3mm.


Thickness 3mm.


The standard sizes of aluminum or glass sheet you can find on our price list aren’t binding. You can order personalized measures without problems or price increases. In the case of personalized measures, the only constraint is that you must purchase the number of sheets you get from a base plate. The base plate of aluminum is 50x70cm  and costs € 34.00, while the glass base plate is 60x120cm and costs € 130,00. Prices without VAT and freight costs.For example:  from a base plate of black glass 60×120 you can get 12 plates 8×10” (20x25cm); or 54 plates 5×4” (12,5 x10cm). In both cases the cost is € 130. This method is applicable when the measures are more or less the standard ones, for example a 8×10” would be 20×25 in cm, but the chassis accepts a measure of 19,2 x24,5cm. This is the case you must buy an entire plate since the oversize doesn’t allow the use of plates obtained in other chassis.


Additional information


5×7" (127×177 mm) 10 sheets, 4×5 (10×12,5cm) 10 sheets, 8×10 (20,3×24,1cm) 5 sheets

No one can do a good job without proper tools, and the chemicals can be defined, the tools of the photographer. This is the weak point of many operators. They work with economic and inferior chemicals, and many do not know the true composition; not to mention unwanted interferences that can be created between them.
“Chemicals are the tools of art photographers. Through a deep knowledge of photo chemistry the artist can reach and master the art photography level.”

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