Gold Toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype prints

Gold toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype prints A good formula to gold tone a Van Dyke print is the Clerc’s formula. With this recipe you can obtain a tone range that goes from dark red to neutral grey. In some case you could obtain both tones at the same time. The formula is […]

Selenium Toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype print

Selenium toning  for Van Dyke  and Kallitype prints Selenium toning gives a consistent tone variation. The cyanotypes range from brown to red-brown. For the Van Dyke prints, the selenium toner tends to turn them to a pleasant chocolate-tone. If you extend the duration of the immersion you can obtain yellow-brown tones. The toner formula is […]

Van Dyke Brown Print

Van Dyke Brown procedure The Van Dyke Brown procedure was developed in the early 1900, its name reminds of the peculiar sepia tone you see in the works of the flemish painter Sir Antony van Dyck, who lived between 1599 and 1641. Chemicals’ preparation In this process you use a sensitizing solution made of ferric […]