New cyanotype printing Single solution

CYANOTYPE MIKE WARE NEW CYANOTYPE PRINTING Mike Ware Cyanotype Single solution MIKE WARE CYANOTYPE – NEW CYANOTYPE PRINTING This formula, arranged by chemist Mike Ware, works with the same chemicals of the classic cyanotype, only in this case they are combined to make a single solution, stable over time, that you use to sensitize paper. […]

Classic Cyanotype

Cyanotype procedure Cyanotype is a contact printing technique, which requires UV rays and a negative image of the same size as the final one. In this printing process, dated from the middle of the 19th century, the sensitive agent is a trivalent iron salt.  Trivalent iron salts are the key compounds of other printing techniques […]

Cyanotype Toning

Cyanotype toning Many different chemical substances can affect the cyanotype color. From the procedures edited over the years we list here the ones that are easier to use. Potassium ferricyanide (Prussian blue) gives the cyanotype prints that typical blue tone, but it can be chemically modified to tone to a different color. Prussian blue decomposes […]