Ziatype beginners kit

Ziatype Ziatype Beginner kit (Kit09) Kit contents Sensitizing: Ammonium Ferric Oxalate sol.A                                              25ml Ammonium Ferric Oxalate contrast sol.B                                  25ml Lithium Chloropalladate sol.C                                 […]

Wet plate Collodion-formulating Poe Boy

Collodion process-Poe Boy formula (No ether/No cadmium) The procedure for the collodion “poe boy”, or “poor boy” as some say, is interesting for it does not involve ethyl ether, which is particularly hard to find and use, nor cadmium salts which are harmful to the environment. The formula is as follows: to make about 550ml […]

Wet plate Collodion-Old Work-Horse process

Old Work-Horse for positive process 1°- Collodion solution (part A) pour 220 ml plain collodion into a 500 ml beaker slowly, add 140 ml ether (360 ml, 60% collodion, 40% ether) cap and shake 2°-  Iodizing solution (part B) pour 4 ml distilled water into a small beaker add 3 grams of Cadmium Bromide until […]

Wet plate Collodion New Guy’s Collodion by Quinn

New Guy’s Formula by Quinn Collodion – New Guy formula procedure The called “New Guy’s Formula” developed by Quinn Jacobson is for positives only. We will start out with this formula because it’s relatively easy.   Iodizer preparation 1°-In a beaker mix the following amounts of: Collodio 5%                                                    240ml               […]

Gold Toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype prints

Gold toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype prints A good formula to gold tone a Van Dyke print is the Clerc’s formula. With this recipe you can obtain a tone range that goes from dark red to neutral grey. In some case you could obtain both tones at the same time. The formula is […]

Selenium Toning for Van Dyke brown and Kallitype print

Selenium toning  for Van Dyke  and Kallitype prints Selenium toning gives a consistent tone variation. The cyanotypes range from brown to red-brown. For the Van Dyke prints, the selenium toner tends to turn them to a pleasant chocolate-tone. If you extend the duration of the immersion you can obtain yellow-brown tones. The toner formula is […]